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Smart Spelling

Spelling Tests

How It Works?

Installing Pre-Requirements

This installation is only once, and allows the web site to run smoothly. All the components are components developed by "Microsoft" and all the links lead to pages on the "Microsoft" web site.

Step 1 - These text-to-speech engines provide speech output capabilities for Microsoft Agent and the Agent Character Editor. You need to download and install only the "American English" and the "French".
TTS English
TTS French

Step 2 - For Windows Xp Only.
Microsoft Agent uses SAPI 4.0 to provide speech services. Windows XP however now ships with SAPI 5.0 which does not provide backward compatibility support for its predecessor.
Click Here To Download
Click Here To Download

Step 3 - You should download and install the characters (Merlin, Genie,Peedy) used in this web site.
Download and Install.

Using the spelling page

Step 1 - In the above menu choose "The Exams".

Step 2 - In the top "list box" choose a school. A list of available teachers will appear in the second "list box".

Step 3 - In the second "list box" choose the correct teacher. A list of available exams will appear in the third "list box".

Step 4 - In the third "list box" choose the exam date.

Step 5 - In the fourth "list box" you can change the character. The default character is Merlin, choose your favourite companion for the exam...

Step 6 - A list Of text fields Appear. Near each text field there is a speaker image. Clicking the speakers, and the character will say the word.
Each word is checked and you will see the word "Correct", and "Wrong". Please try to correct the errors.